LP Development and Innovation Ltd

Is nothing more than a new startup company with modern and innovative ideas. Ιt consists of different people with different background with a lot of experience in consultancy and marketing solutions since 1996. 

LP Innovation department

LP Innovation is one of the best “innovative” product & services designing for almost any kind of industries. We design, create ,manufacture or develop new Apps, new software, new web apps, technology products, products from wood, products from metal, advanced security products and home products combined with high-tech.

In the past ,executive members of LPI have extensive experience in monitoring and implementing new large investments, extensive experience in construction especially in European projects as well as experience in sales and general trade.

For many years, they have provided consultancy to customers in Europe and this has helped them to gain a global picture and diverse knowledge in various subjects. Our moto is “ideas, ideas and ideas” and we are certain that some of them could match to your needs.

LPI cooperates with selected factories worldwide for which she designs new products. LPI is also in cooperation with two factories that manufacture advanced security doors with high tech security systems. More information about this kind of doors you can find in our e-shop. Here in LPI we believe in “man”. What really counts for us is the

relationship with the client and we try hard to sell quality products and services in οrder to give more than the wow to customers.

LP Development  & Consultancy department

Since 1996, our people provide their services in the field of engineering, geology, computer science, renovations and marketing. We are now in a position to provide you complete solutions which can make the difference for you and your products.

By the term “complete solutions”, we mean full services packages in terms of promotion, consultancy and advertisement of your company, using up-to-date technologies but also a friendly, direct and progressive cooperation throughout the project. Our company bridges the notch between Engineering, computer sciences and Advertisement businesses, filling one by one all the gaps in the area of modern promotion and marketing.

We created full service packages which cover all of your needs. At the same time, we keep a stable price policy. Our people are at your services in order to provide you qualitative and unique ideas in terms of computing and marketing!

Our company promotes new ideas! That's why LP is an innovation center that creates new ideas!