Advertisement Packages

Our company provides you with unique services to promote your business through different kinds of advertisement. We created especially for you 5 new complete service packages which cover all the requirements of the modern market.

These packages start from a single promotion through a modern website and turned step by step into full advertising packages for promoting your business in press and Internet.

The most completed package also includes your business organization by designing your company profile, printing your business cards, creating a multimedia advertising CD or DVD etc.


Lp Always Global

  • By LP Always Global service, you do not only accomplish the promotion of your business through a unique and multifunctional website but you also ensure your business’ success through advertisement in different media.

LP Global Press

  • LP Global Press emphasizes on your business’ promotion through press media. This offer also includes the design of a modern website.

LP Adv and Sound

  • This package is created for businesses with more promotional demands which cannot be covered only through advertisement in press media.

LP in Global

  • By LP in Global Service, you can have a complete Web promotion of your business, including a monthly renewal of your website.

Just LP

  • Just LP is the most economical package, providing the less service. Nevertheless this package does not lack in efficiency and originality. We use innovative solutions and attractive graphics to create a

well organized website.


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