Exhibition stalls

Looking for a real partner to take over everything for your exhibition stall?

If you're bored to communicate every day with 10 different people (the construction company, the advertising company, the DJ, the promotion company and many others) and at the same time to contact and inform your customers for the exhibition?

You are in the right place!

Our company can undertake all the necessary work for the construction, Marketing and promotion of your stall.
We find and suggest to you (colors, textures, materials etc).We also find for you the partners you need and organize your appointments with your customers and your suppliers.

Indicatively for your exhibition stall we could provide you:

  • Registration for the exhibition stall
    • Contact with your customers
    • Contact with your suppliers
    • Printed advertising in order to promote your participation
    • Online advertising in order to promote your participation
    • Construction of the main body of your stall
    • Wiring and electrical installation
    • Innovations in order to attract the visitors
    • Sound installation
    • Construction of a perimeter partition made of plasterboard
    • Paint the space in colors of your preference
    • Standard equipment package including:
      5 guest chairs, a table, carpet, refrigerators and a bar
    • Placement of a display screen
    • Video wall
    • Wooden floor
    • Moving display platform
    • Music with dj
    • Bags
    • Berlock
    • Souvenirs
    • Uniforms
    • Blouses
    • Forms to approach customers
    • Business profile
    • Events
    • Catering
    • Lighting
    • Extra lighting package with laser, etc.
    • Furniture
    • Interactive applications and presentations
    • Room for discussion 
    • Personnel
    • Lockers
    • 2000 forms in dimension A5 with stand
    • 2 Wall Banners (2,5m x 1m)
    • 1000 x 5 cards = 5000 cards
    • Landing page
    • Find new customers
    • Installation and decoration of the stall
    • Transfer your products to and from the premises (upon request)
    • Removal of the stall after the end of the exhibition