Real estate consultancy

Nowadays, due to the financial crisis, real estate in Greece has become so cheap that commercial value of property is much lower than what the Greek state determines.

A property that in 2008 had a commercial value close to € 1,000,000 and an “objective”*value close to € 400,000, now costs approximately € 300,000.

Today, if you know the greek market, you can find great opportunities to invest in real estate that will double or even triple your money.

But like any other investment made in a foreign country, it also poses a lot of risks.

  • How well do you know the real estate agent who promises to find you a property at a ''bargain price”?
  • Is there a serious brokerage or an offshoot?
  • Do you know the district where the property is located?
  • This district is suitable for what purpose (rental, vacation or resale)?
  • How many trips you have to do in order to find the one you prefer or just to check a property?

Our company has extensive experience in investment management in Greece. Our executives have more than 10 years of consulting experience in the greek market.

We have partners that are ready to give you the best advice that meets your professional needs and budget. Our commitment is to always provide the highest standards of consultancy.Our partners will offer you the best possible choice of detached houses, apartment buildings, maisonettes and all kinds of property available for purchase or rent.

We cooperate with an expert team in real estate investment .We can offer you technical, tax and legal consulting services to complete a successful purchase or rent. The fact that we are aware of the domestic market, knowing all the districts in Athens and all the major cities of Greece from suburbs to downtown we can provide you with

the best solutions in how you may proceed in finding the right location.

We know how to invest your money properly and of course under what circumstances you could choose the appropriate location for your investment.

Of course we can undertake big projects outside Greece - but at the moment we think that this is the place with many opportunities.


*“objective” is the value that Greek state gives for the value of the property