Smart cities

We help you grow

Our company, in partnership with IT companies, will soon be able to simplify your business management and customer searching procedure through our new 2 smart cities platforms:

  • P (Parking) smart control - PSC
  • M (Marine) smart control - MSC

These packages contain three different basic functions.

First of all, they give you the ability to manage both your regular and pass-through customers with an easy simple CRM.
They also give you the ability to safely manage and maintain an online booking system.

Finally, using special sensors and cameras wherever are required, they give you total control over your business. Simple questions like:

  • Which vehicle or ship has left in the last 15 minutes?
    • When exactly did the ship leave?
    • Did they pay?
    • Are there any empty spots in the marine and where are they?
    • How many spots have been occupied in the last 24 hours?


All these questions and many other smart features will simplify your daily routine and will make your customers more than satisfied.